Disclaimer: This is an unofficial recreation of Virtual Self's Utopia stage, originally designed and created by Zenith Lighting & All Access Staging.

Remake: Virtual Self's Utopia

Virtual Self’s Utopia live tour showcases a stage design that turns the typical on its head. Whereas most designs feature light fixtures rigged to trusses from above, this design builds them right into the stage itself. The stage features a unique, custom-built, dynamic cart system able to hold a grid of 8x6 Robe MegaPointes. The cart tops are a thin plane of glass, allowing the fixtures to project light from below. The performer stands atop the carts at the center of the grid of light. Also included in the carts are twenty TMB SoLED 840 strobes. Surrounding the carts are six truss towers, each holding three GLP Impression X4 Bar 20’s, and two SGM Q7 color floodlights. Also included in the stage are six Robe BMFL WashBeams lining the back of the carts, a 30’x16’ video wall, and six Kvant Atomic laser projectors.

The design is unique, powerful, adaptable, and future enough to rival the aesthetics of the show itself.

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